Review: Zombie Tramp #20

Don’t go into Zombie Tramp #20 thinking it’ll be the usual issue of Zombie Tramp. As the cover states this issue is all about “Epilogues and Interludes.” That said it’s not an issue that can stand on its own. Not only do you need to have read the previous arc of the series, but you need to have read the second volume as well (this technically being the third volume). This series has gotten strange as it’s gone on. There’s almost two storylines running, there’s the original one that Mendoza had planned in which Janey takes on all the things from her past that contributed to how she ended up a call girl and ultimately a zombie and then the one where she’s touring the country running into trouble and her book becoming a computer app for everyone to cast spells with.

Zombie Tramp #20This issue actually combines two supporting character’s story with the little girl Eve from the previous arc and Morning from the second volume. That’s about all you need to know about that story arc, though Morning’s path will cross with Janey and her witch friend’s soon enough. The other story follows the witch friend, whose name I forget and isn’t said in the issue.

It’s not a bad issue at all. But it is a “taking care of business issue.” It sets up plot for the series and the next arc and while that’s appreciated its really something that should have been done in the previous issues. Instead it’s all slammed together like a catch up issue.

Really I can’t complain too much because Mendoza is back on art. Sure he’s only illustrates one panel of Janey, but his overall style brings a lot of personality and care to the series. His art continues to get better and better with each special issue he does.

Marcelo Costa’s coloring continues to grow on me. It’s not as vibrant as Mendoza’s, but it’s the next best fit. I really hope they continue with the series to give it a consistent look.

This issue is for long time readers and that’s really it. It ties up loose ends before going into what looks to be one of the biggest storylines of the series and that’s it. That works. Every issue isn’t going to be amazing and really this reminds me of how a lot of comic series used to be before they were just constantly rebooted. This is one of the quirks of long term storytelling and I like that.

Score: 3/5

Zombie Tramp #20 Creator/Writer/Aritst: Dan Mendoza Colorist: Marcelo Costa Letterer: Adam Wollet Publisher: Action Lab/Danger Zone Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/2/16 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital