Review: Zombie Tramp #3

After the last issue I’m excited for another issue of Zombie Tramp. I honestly wasn’t too impressed with the debut issue of this series, but it’s okay because it’s like a good TV show; terrible pilot, great rest of the season. So what happens when Janey comes face to face with the King of Rock’n’Roll? Well the first thing she notes is that he’s stinky. Apparently the King has been rolling in the same body since his death and zombification which means he’s stinky. Be that as it may, that’s exactly what Janey calls him and damn it’s funny. A fight breaks out because Elvis thinks Janey is his Priscilla come back to him. A fight breaks out between Janey and Elvis’ martial art crew of Elivs impersonators? Yeah that sentence is correct! It’s a gory scene, but seeing Janey throw down and tear through these men and women was one of the coolest scenes of the series thus far. She doesn’t last long as Elvis gets involved and knocks Janey out.

His words right before she zonks out stay with Janey as we’re taken into her past. She’s trying to leave her boyfriend that turned her into a call girl and let’s just say that it doesn’t end well. The thing about this scene is that while Janey is a victim, it directly relates to how she feels when she wakes up and finds herself in a similar situation. While it’s funny that Elvis is a zombie, it’s not funny that he’s trying to hold Janey against her will. She wakes up and remembers how powerless she felt before and is determined never to feel that way again.

ZombieTramp_3_cover_regular_solicitThe writing continues to be solid on the series. You will hopefully laugh at the jokes like Elvis singing and using all the catch phrases he’s known for, but then during the continuing flashbacks of Janey’s past you should see the serious side of the story. Personally I find her to be a powerful character with a tragic background. To me, and I can only speak for me, I see that Janey’s background is more than just violence towards women in comics. In a way it’s talking about it and then also showing that women don’t need to continue to be victims. And I know that seems like a “yeah right” because we’re dealing with a zombie with magic powers, but superhero comics were once used to show disempowered young boys that they could be strong in the face of adversity… not so far-fetched when you think of it that way.

TMChu’s artwork has definitely grown on me. The funny part is that my favorite piece of art in the series thus far is just the linework shown at the end of the issue for the next issues cover. I’m not going to say what it is, but it’s awesome. It’s one of the coolest things that Chu has illustrated on the series. As for this issue he does a great job with the action sequences which there are a few of. They’re easy to follow and while there could be more “umph” to them, they work and are entertaining.

I’m really looking forward to next month’s issue. After three issues this series has already floated back to the top of my must read list and I can’t wait to see the battle between Janey and Elvis go down. I can’t wait to see Elvis get his ass handed to him and I hope it’s more than metaphorically.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Dan Mendoza & Jason Martin Artist: TMChu Publisher: Action Lab/Danger Zone Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/8/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital