Review: Zombie Tramp #9

Well this is more like it. Not only do we still have the dangling thread from the last issue of Zombie Tramp still in play, but we’re introduced to more than one conflict and neither seem like an easy fix. I was definitely hard on the last story arc of Zombie Tramp, but already we’re off to a better start. There’s an extra layer added to Jayne’s character as we start with her asleep in someone else’s grave. Her narration explains to us that she doesn’t need to sleep, but that it does recharge her. The downside is that she only experiences nightmares and wakes up after she can’t take anymore. What a terrible way to sleep right? Its little things like that that make the series interesting and more than just a sexy zombie story. To imagine that the main character is basically kept in a stage of rage would explain just about any zombie type action wouldn’t you say?

ZT 9 c4From there the story introduces a new character named Walt… he cooks meth and so yeah Breaking Bad fans will either love that or hate it. I thought it was a bit on the nose, but the story stays with him as he comes home to his dump of an apartment to find Jayne bathing in his tub. He’s high though so he thinks he’s just seeing things. Jayne doesn’t feel like killing him because she just got out of the bath and instead just steals some clothes and books it. Walt’s bath isn’t a normal bath though and soon enough everyone is getting high off of Jayne’s leftover bath water. Gross right. The story amps up from there.

This is a clever use of “bath salts” and really only Zombie Tramp is in a position to use that dash of the real world. All other zombie comics are locked into their formula, but this series continues to explore and add to their zombie lore which is another reason why I keep coming back to it. It’s fresh with its ideas and never too worried about playing by the rules it started with. Instead it’s expanding and that’s welcomed in this genre.

One of my favorite scenes of this comic is when a friend of Walt’s throws his shoe at him. I actually laughed when I saw that partially because of the lettering adding a “Doink.” Artist TMChu is back and I actually missed him. For my money there’s still no one better than creator Dan Mendoza, but I definitely enjoy TMChu’s artwork as a close second. Jason Martin’s coloring is strange. I don’t dislike it when it comes to characters and buildings, but backgrounds and flooring tend to be too sparse with color. It all blends together well enough, but I almost think that if it was a bit more vibrant it would really make the art and series pop more. As it is, it’s starting to have a flat look to it which is boring at times.

I dug this new arc. Zombie Tramp #9 has introduced new story elements and not just the crossover with Vampblade. It’s been a bit of a slow build getting here, but now the series is taking off I’m interested in seeing where it’s going to go. The good thing about every new arc of Zombie Tramp is that it doesn’t require you to have read anything before it. Honestly you can just start here and be fine so why not check it out.

Score: 4/5

Zombie Tramp #9 Writers: Dan Mendoza, Jason Martin Artist: TMChu Publisher: Action Lab/Danger Zone Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/18/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital