Review: Zombie War #1

With a title like Zombie War, I was hoping that this book would at least try to break out of the zombie clichés.  There’s been a few books lately with not-so-stellar names in my opinion that have been great books like The Other Dead and The Dead.  There is a different element added in with aliens, but to me it wasn’t a very unique story and didn’t really do anything for me. The story follows a fighter-pilot named Jina.  Unfortunately, the story jumped around a ton in my opinion, making it very hard to get any of her personality or backstory.  One minute she’s trying to track down a UFO, then we see hordes of zombies ripping people’s heads off in a cemetery in Virginia.  It cuts back and forth to different reporters giving their two cents on the recent rising of the dead as well.

ZombieWar-01-pr_Page_1Another thing that disappointed me about this book was that the zombies are basically stronger than humans.  We see a cop get his gun taken away from him and killed by a zombie that’s just been shot in the head.  They can also talk and are led by a Hitler-like zombie.  After a while Jina finally tracks down the UFO and comes face to face with an alien.  We find out that this alien raised the dead on Earth because a probe blew up in his atmosphere and killed all his people.  She feels terrible since it was an accident, and the alien realizes he’s killing all of Jina’s people now too, just making him a hypocrite.

Jina and the alien then team up, trying to escape and defeat the zombies.  It ends with the two flying away in a helicopter over New York in the middle of an atomic bomb being dropped over the city due to the President’s orders.  Will they escape?...Honestly I don’t think I care enough to read the second and final installment of Zombie War.

The most ironic thing to me was that this was an oversized issue, yet not much happened at all regarding the advancement of the story.  I think that if this plot were to actually take place, and it would be overwhelmingly terrifying.  But honestly I didn’t feel any of the intensity or horror that should have been present in a book like this.

Score: 1/5

Writers: Kevin Eastman & Tom Skulan Artists: Kevin Eastman & Eric Talbot Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/23/13