Roar Comics Announces "The Castoffs"

Having read a large sampling of Lion Forge's titles I had very little faith in them producing anything I would actually want to read. They're imprint Roar Comics (seriously stop it with the imprints unless it's some kind of tax break thing) has my attention though. The first reason being M.K. Reed who I haven't read since Americus which is still one of my all time favorites from First Second. The other reason is Molly Ostertag's artwork. Obviously I'll wait until I see it, but I'm actually looking forward to reading this a lot now. From Lion Forge/Roar Comics:

Lion Forge Comics announced today the expected release date of the latest title from their ROAR COMICS all-ages imprint, THE CASTOFFS (AUG161759), featuring writers Brian Smith (The Stuff of Legend) and M. K. Reed (Americus), and artist Molly Ostertag (Strong Female Protagonist).  This four-issue young adult miniseries centers on three female mages who accidentally restart an age-old war with a robot army. The first two issues will have battle wraparound variants that depict an historic conflict that took place in the lore of the world of the series. Variant cover artists are Rosemary Valero-O'Connell (Lumberjanes) for issue #1 (AUG161760) and Sloane Leong (From Under Mountains) for issue #2. THE CASTOFFS hits stores October 12 and will be available in print as well as digitally.

ROAR COMICS Senior Editor Adam Staffaroni says, "Brian and M. K. have both done incredible world building and character building in their work, and I was thrilled to have them collaborating on a brand-new fantasy world filled with such depth and detail. And Molly's ability to bring it all to life simply blew us away."

The Castoffs variant

The Castoffs