SDCC ’13: DC Comics All-Access Panel – What You Need To Know

If you’ve been to one DC panel, then you’ve basically have been to them all (at least in recent years). They basically tell you the titles of upcoming projects (most of which have already been announced) and then give as little detail about those issues. It’s basically just shenanigans. Here’s what you can take away from the ‘All-Access’ panel from comic con and the first page of Forever Evil just click on the images to see the full thing. Aquaman feeds into Trinity War which feeds into Forever Evil.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion is coming… it stars the Rogues. They’re basically not down with the rest of the villains in Forever Evil.


Flash: Reverse Flash is killing people who are affected by the Speed Force and Iris may be the next target… or not.

Green Arrow: The series is crossing over with Batman: Zero Year. Villains Month tie in story with Count Vertigo is the creepiest thing Lemire has written. Later in the year Green Arrow vs. The Outsiders.

Animal Man: Rafael Albaqurque is coming onto the book this fall.

Trillium (Vertigo): The series takes two characters and has one start at the beginning and the other start at the end and then they meet in the middle. It will be printed as a flip-book meaning you’ll read half way and then flip it over and read the other half. Sounds very interesting. The trade won’t be printed that way.

Fables: They showed a cover and the artist said, “It’s not a dream, not an imaginary story.” They have their own panel so this is basically just there to remind people how runs Bartertown… DC does.


Batgirl: New art team of Pasarin and Glapion… yeah that’s it.

The Movement: Issue #5 features a Black, Gay female character… progress?


Adam Huges is doing a wrap-around cover for the Fables Encyclopedia coming in hardcover on Oct. 23rd.

Batman: Lil’ Gotham: The writer explained the process of how they write, mostly at conventions and they share the work on writing the jokes. Sunday they’ll release a Comic-Con themed story on Comixology (for Kids day).

Injustice: The first five print issues have sold out (I still don’t hear anyone talking about this comic, but they must like it). The Annual in November will feature Harley Quinn and Lobo.


The fan questions were… well they were fan questions. Here are the highlights that were actually useful.

Shazam book next year from Geoff Johns.

Doom Patrol book is coming, but no one could talk about it.

Lemire is penciling an issue of Animal Man.

Earth 2 will have a stronger focus on the new Batman (goodie).

There you go. Not a lot of info and unfortunately not a lot of new titles, but maybe you took something good from this or at least have something to look forward to next year.

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