SDCC '13: DC Comics Reveals Their Con Statues and Figures

Wow! That Bombshell Black Canary is amazing! That entire line of statues have been very impressive, but Black Canary may have just stolen my heart! It's so awesome. Here's all the figures and statues that DC will be bringing to Comic Con this week and they're all pretty impressive. Even the Arrow TV show figures are pretty good. The Batman fig's are the only ones that didn't wow me, but they make so many these days it's hard to be excited about them all. If you were dying for the New 52 version costume then you're probably pretty happy. Also there's finally a decent Cyborg so check that out as well by clicking the picture below.

  • DC Comics Bombshells: Black Canary Statue – 10.6” resin statue
  • Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure Blind-Box Vinyl Figures – 2.5”
  • Wonder Woman The Art of War: Wonder Woman by Jim Lee Statue – 10.5" resin statue
  • Arrow: Oliver Queen & Deathstroke Action Figure 2-Pack – 6.75"
  • Designer Series Batman Action Figure By Greg Capullo – 6.75"
  • Designer Series Nightwing Action Figure By Greg Capullo – 6.75"
  • Designer Series Talon Action Figure By Greg Capullo – 6.75"
  • DC Comics Super Villains Suicide Squad Deadshot, Harley Quinn & Captain Boomerang Action Figure 3–Pack –Deadshot stands 6.7", Harley Quinn stands 6.625", Captain Boomerang stands 6.75"
  • DC Comics Icons: Batman Statue – 10.3" resin statue
  • DC Comics Icons: Cyborg Statue – 11.25" resin statue