SDCC 15: Archie Meets Ramones

Well I'm sure if you've stopped by the site before then you know I'm a fan of the Archie Meets comics, but as we've talked about on the CBMFP, there's a breaking point. What's strange to me is that they've just relaunched Archie... they're using the relaunched versions if this art is to be believed... and so everything is new and modern. Yet they're teaming them up with The Ramones... a band modern kids don't know and a band that technically doesn't exist anymore... I'm all for it, but this just seems like something that would have worked pre-reboot. From Archie Comics:

Hey! Ho! Let's Go! Coming in 2016, the classic rock group THE RAMONES and everyone's favorite red-head will be crossing over in an extra-sized adventure!

Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of Archie Comics and The Ramones' 40th anniversary, the new comic follows in the tradition of Archie Comics crossovers like ARCHIE MEETS KISS and ARCHIE MEETS PREDATOR.

"Having the band crossover with Archie seems perfect and completely insane at the same time," said ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES co-writer Alex Segura. "Fans can expect a fun, rockin' and heartfelt extra-sized adventure that will stand up there with some of the best Archie crossovers ever. Which is saying a lot!"

Together with co-writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Gisele, the team plans to mix the colorful cast of Riverdale with the Ramones in fun and exciting ways.

"Getting to draw Archie Meets Ramones has me fangirling in excitement," said artist Gisele. "I will draw with the energy and passion of a Ramone to ensure my beloved Riverdale gets a Rock 'N' Roll High School."

ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES debuts in 2016.

ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES Promotional Artwork by Gisele