SDCC 2016: Aspen Teases Aspen Universe Wave Two... More of the Same or a Fresh Start?

I'm not going to lie... I don't even have a fucking clue what the current Aspen Universe's landscape is. It seems like for the last year they've just been reprinting Big Dog Ink issues and those are old too. Aspen wanted this to be a tease so I only have the images. No panel info because they sent this before the panel, but we weren't supposed to post it until after the panel... so here are my terrible guesses on all these images.



They're calling it Wave 2... now we know that and I see two familiar titles. I don't know the people with the guns, but the other is Soulfire (a series I've never enjoyed and will never check out again) and the other one is Dellec, which is one of their better series, but they never give it enough issues and rush the endings. And "low sales" isn't an excuse when there's a "of 6" or  "of 4" on the cover.


I don't remember BubbleGun ending. Though it was ahead of the game since we now have Kim & Kim and Bounty which have the same premise.


More Shrugged... which is all word bubbles. I don't remember what the other one is. Chrismagic maybe? Or it could be some element of Shrugged that I'm not familiar with because I never made it past a first issue.


Pretty sure that's Fathom. See my thoughts on Soulfire, it applies here as well.


Jinri was probably one of the only series I really truly enjoyed and got excited for. The second volume unfortunately didn't do much and had lost a lot of the magic (pun intended) that made the first volume good. Hopefully it'll rebound here.


Soulfire again... this idea has run it's course. Even a reboot wouldn't interest me. If I remember correctly, Soulfire lost in the voting of "Pick our first comic to be made" contest way back in Wizard Magazine's days. Why it still got made is beyond me.

Final Thoughts

I know that I basically trashed everything Aspen has announced. Maybe its the fact that they haven't done much lately and their titles always seem to disappear at the end. They support the first issue too much and lose everyone's interest at the end. It's not that I want them to do poorly, I want them to do better. Support the entire series and not just the initial launch. Work with different writers too because if your books are dropping off that much from issue one to issue four, then it's not all marketing's problem. There's clearly something on the creative end that readers are responding to negatively. I want Aspen to continue on. I was worried that the were close to shutting down. Hopefully this new line of books will allow them to bounce back, but if it's just more of the same... then I won't be there to check it out for long.