SDCC 2016: BOOM! Picks Up Namesake

If you follow comic news you're probably wondering how Steve Orlando is releasing this comic with BOOM! when he signed an exclusive contract with DC... well, behind the scenes comics are planned months and sometimes years ahead. I've read countless times of creators pitching the same work over and over and retooling it until it gets picked up and wham... slapped on the release schedule nine months later. It's just one of the weird things about the comic industry. Also, I'm going to read the fuck out of this book. Sounds good! From BOOM! Studios:

Namesake is a four-issue limited series by Orlando and artist Jakub Rebelka about Jordan Molossus, a young man with an unusual mission: He is tasked with delivering the remains of his deceased fathers—contained within two enormous urns—to their final resting place, which happens to be a place called Ektae, a world that interconnects with Earth for seven days every seven years. This fantasy epic is as much about Jordan's commitment to his family—no matter how weird or nonsensical his obligation may be—as it is about his journey, which is littered with twists and turns galore.

Namesake #1