SDCC 2016: Dark Horse Is Doing Everything It Can Comic Book Related to Overwatch

Dark Horse has really filled that void that Star Wars left with video games. Obviously it's working for them, I just wish it was working for me. There's no quality to these comics and I don't need this many art-books. Not every game needs an art-book. Sure Overwatch probably does, but everything else. From Dark Horse Comics:

Dark Horse Comics and Blizzard Entertainment have joined forces on a publishing program centered around the hottest game of the year, Overwatch®. The program consists of a slate of products based on Blizzard’s team shooter, including digital comics, a graphic novel, and an art book.

Overwatch DHDark Horse has already begun republishing a series of free digital comics by Blizzard Entertainment that further illuminate the characters and world of Overwatch. A number of eight-page digital comics are already available through Dark Horse’s digital comics platforms, with more currently in production and slated for release in the future.

A hardcover original Overwatch graphic novel has been slotted for release in April 2017. This brand-new entry in the Overwatch canon will contain one hundred pages of sequential artwork telling the story of the original Overwatch strike team.

Summer 2017 will see the release of The Art of Overwatch, a stunning collection of never-before-seen concept art from the critically acclaimed game. Stay tuned for more details regarding The Art of Overwatch.

Also announced this week, Dark Horse and Blizzard have set the date for the second volume of their best-selling World of Warcraft® series. Earlier this year, Dark Horse Books and Blizzard Entertainment releasedWorld of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume I, which has over eighty thousand copies in print and charted on theNew York Times Best Sellers list.