Shipping in July From Scout Comics!

You may notice that when other sites are posting solicits from publishers they don't appear here on Comic Bastards. That's because they take a lot of work to post and like seven of you actually looked at them... okay sometimes twenty of you. But I'm pulling for Scout Comics. They're currently publishing my favorite ongoing comic book series Henchgirl and so I'm more than happy to post their solicits for you to find and hopefully take back to your LCS and say "Give me one of each of these books kind sir." Sure they'll be confused by your manners and wonder why you waited for them to stop eating before you came to the counter, but it's okay. In the end, you get your books pre-ordered for you which will help them continue to be published.


SOLARMAN #2 Written by Joseph Illidge & Brendan Deneen Art by N. Steven Harris Colors by Andrew Dalhouse $3.99, 32 pages

Originally published by Marvel Comics and written by Stan Lee, SOLARMAN returns for this pulse-pounding second issue of the 21st century reboot! Teen hacker Ben Tucker is on the run after being infected by an alien virus and gaining incredible powers as a result. The cops want answers, a secret government organization wants his DNA, and an evil alien cyborg wants blood. This is an issue not to be missed!

ONCE OUR LAND issue 1 cover

ONCE OUR LAND #1 (of 2) Written and drawn by Peter Ricq Full Color $3.99, 40 pages

An amazing debut comic from a visionary new creator! ONCE OUR LAND is a post-apocalyptic tale set in 1830s Germany. It is the tale of two survivors, Ingrid & Fritz, as they battle each day against mysterious invaders that have surfaced and wiped out everything they once knew. A fantasy, sci-fi, period, and action story rolled into one epic package, ONCE OUR LAND is destined to be an all-ages classic!

Elasticator 5 cover

ELASTICATOR #5 Writer/Creator: A.C. Medina Artist: Kevin Shah Colorist: Ross A. Campbell Full Color $3.99, 32 pages

Elasticator hits Brooklyn in full force and all should tread lightly! With new threats comes retaliation and Brother V has his eyes set on the Elasticator. It’s a time of great change in Brooklyn and everyone is feeling it, but at what cost? You won’t want to miss the latest issue of Elasticator!!

Henchgirl 9 cover

HENCHGIRL #9 Written and illustrated by Kristen Gudsnuk $3.99, 32 pages Full Color

Mary Posa used to hate her job. But maybe being a henchgirl for a supervillain isn't so bad after all. Mary has the freedom to operate beyond the constraints of polite, law-abiding society. She gets free stuff. And when an unforeseen sequence of events puts her parents in danger, Mary might even end up being the hero Crepe City needs. Or not.  ...Probably not.