Space Riders #1 Sells The Fuck Out!

Several of us read Space Riders #1 and loved the shit out of it so this really comes as no big surprise. If you're on the fence for some reason then check out Steve's review for the first issue HERE! Also sick fucking cover!

From Black Mask Studios:

Before it even hit shelves SPACE RIDERS #1 was sold out at Diamond and the buzz was building. On April 1st that buzz turned to a road and SPACE RIDERS disappeared off comic shop shelves around the country. And like a dream it was all gone so quickly, with only a lucky few could actually say they got to see it. But SPACE RIDERS is the dream that keeps coming back. So, like WE CAN NEVER GO HOME #1 from the week before, SPACE RIDERS is going out for reprint!

The SPACE RIDERS  #1 reprint features an all new cover by  artist Ralph Niese that is as insane and gorgeous as SPACE RIDERS itself. It will be on shelves 5/13, the same day as issue #2. Space Riders #1 Sells The Fuck Out!

If you want to get copies of Space Riders you can make your comic shop clerk's life easier by using the order codes for the books: SPACE RIDERS #1 (2nd Printing)- FEB158576 SPACE RIDERS #2 (still available)- FEB151093 SPACE RIDERS #3 (still available)- MAR151021 SPACE RIDERS #4 (still available)- MAR151021


Wanna hear more about Space Riders? Listen to this episode of the CBMFP: