Spring Is Here! Start Planning Your Superhero Swimwear

Spring. The time in which snow might cease to fall but usually doesn't. A time in which terrible movies about Spring Break release and get everyone thinking about heading to the pool or local beach. Instead of giving you several posts of different places offering superhero swimwear I decided one mega post would be appropriate. Women, men, we have you covered. Links and pictures below, but no slide show this time.

Up first... is Fit 2 Be Tied Clothing. They're an Esty store that offers a variety of comic and nerd bikinis and prices range from $45 bucks for the entire suit or $25 for select tops. Here's the rest of their selection. (Side note, the Aquaman one is the best!)

Next up is Spencers and yes that store still exists. All of their pieces are $37.49 which if you've worked retail is a really weird price point. Also, these are the same ones they offered last season... I don't think they're going to update anything in that store anytime soon. (If I hade to pick the best I would say Superman).

Next up is Superherostuff.com with their selection. I didn't go as crazy with the pictures for theres since it wasn't really worth it. But if you click on the link you'll see more.

Last for the women's section is Black Milk's new Star Wars collection. I'm sure you've seen the R2-D2 and C3PO suits a billion times before so don't expect them here. There collection starts in the $100's... I'm not joking. This is some expensive bullshit that you'll never see outside of tumblr. And if you know why they're all wearing tall clunky boots then let me know because I think it's stupid.

Now we're on to the men's section.

That's it... I couldn't find anything else and you can pretty much buy either of those two options anywhere online. There's eBay... I found plenty of them there, but they all sucked and the status of used or not was questionable. What the fuck. You could always be the man with the plan and just wear boxers though...