Sunset Overdrive Takes A Shot At Ubisoft's Lack of Females Assassins

Ubisoft caught a lot of flak during/after E3 when their latest edition of Assassin's Creed offered four player co-op, but that they had to cut the female characters because of a lack of resources. I mean I take that as the team getting the whip cracked on them to make their yearly deadline for the series, but fans took it as a slap in the face and a step back for the series. I should clarify that it is a set back and a bigger one as they cut multiplayer as well. It sounds like this game is going to be skin and bones and I'm sure the jump in technology plays a factor, but that's why the yearly release of game franchises needs to take a step back when new consoles are introduced. Well the team over at Insomniac games decided they would use this info to point out that players could fully customize their characters in Sunset Overdrive and could even give them a familiar look which you can see below. Let me say that out of the two games I'm only looking forward to the one that allows me to customize. If the video embedded properly you should start at the female character part, but if not just go to 1:30.