Superheroes Do Not Exist... So Buy A Candle

One of Amnesty International's current ad campaigns is centered around the idea that superheroes do not exist. Amnesty International's mission statement is an organization that focuses on human rights across the world. Instead of believing in superheroes they ask that you buy a candle to support them. The candles come in all your basic aromas including "classic" and "apple." They cost 6 to 7 Euros though and I'm not doing the conversion. It's a good organization I just wonder if they got any sort of approval to use the likenesses of DC Characters or the movie footage in the video below? It bugs me when you feel you can break other laws as long as your cause is noble. Maybe I'm over analyzing it, but it just seems a double standard. It could be fair use though because I believe they're a non-profit, but I'm sure permission needs to be asked for even for a non-profit. If you know the answer then let me know in the comments. superheroes-amnesty-international-1