Team Tekken's VR Game Involves You Teaching A School Girl... Or Something

Let's be honest the point of the game isn't to teach her, it's to look at her like a hentai. They just have to bill the game as something else. That's right today Team Tekken announced their upcoming VR game for Sony's Project Morpheus wasn't a Tekken game but rather Summer Lesson. Can we pause for a second so I can rant? Good. What the fuck video game industry? You're starting to act like Hollywood and let me tell you that isn't a good idea. First you don't want us to use traditional controllers, now you want us to wear funky headgear and be all VR again. VR sucked the first time and frankly I have no fucking desire to be in a virtual world that badly. Not until you can holodeck that shit or at the bare minimum make it like Futurama... I mean that literally. Okay back to the game, but seriously just make good fucking games and stop with gimmicks.

You can watch the video below to see the game, but basically you're going to do a lot of staring and I'm sure in some cases heavy breathing... because it was a difficult math lesson you just got through!