Telltale Games Takes Another Swing At Porting A Comic Darling into Games

Telltale Games, responsible for the critically (and commercially) succesful The Walking Dead: A Telltale game series, is in the works to take on yet another comic book based project The Wolf Among Us. Based on Bill Willingham's award winning Vertigo comic's hit, Fables.

The games will follow a slew of fairy tale charecters as they try to make their way in modern day New York City. Playing as Bigsby Wolf (one guess who?) players will be challenged to try and keep other story book charecters like the three little pigs themselves, out of public eye and thus danger. Telltale did a spectacular job with their Walking Dead series last year which went only to be groomed by many gaming sites as THE gaming expirence of the year, heres hoping they knock one out of the park again on their next adaptation of what looks to be another intriging and intense comic book world. The game will be coming to every platform (including Mac) at a yet to be announced date in the near future. Get pumped.