The Iron King Needs Your Support - A Message From Darren Davis

From Darren Davis and Bluewater Productions:

As a publisher of comic books and graphic novels you sometimes come across a project that really gets you excited.  I’ve enjoyed the opportunities to work with several known authors in the past (like John Saul, SE Hinton, William F. Nolan), but my latest partnership with best-selling Young Adult novelist Julie Kagawa should be the biggest yet.

So we can properly  bring her popular Fey universe to life (starting with the “Iron King”) as a graphic novel, we have started a crowd sourcing campaign at indiegogo. To date, we are halfway to our goal, and I am not shy to ask for your support.  Already more than 160 people pledged as little as $1 towards “kick starting” this project. But we still need you.

I realize asking you for a pledge is a nuisance, but let me tell you why I think it is important.  Obviously there is swag to reward for any support. Everything from receiving a public printed thank you and an early-bird copy of the finished product to t-shirts, and getting drawn in the book. I am happy to provide those gifts to any supporter, but the real reason I am excited is that this is an opportunity to produce a piece of literature that might get a reluctant reader to pick up a copy and get hooked on reading. When I was young, I was one of those kids who would avoid reading at all costs…until I found comic books. As a 12 year old, it was a gateway to reading. I truly believe that without comics, I would have been one of the kids who fell through the cracks. Over the past 10 years I have worked with libraries on various literacy projects as well as made dozens of my titles available to librarians for free in order to promote reading. Whether I can convince you to support us based on altruistic measures of helping us create a reading bridge, see it as an investment in a quality production of a popular and well-regarded title, I personally invite you to participate…Heck maybe you just love comics!

The series is directly aimed at the young adult reader (11-14 years old) and is planned to be done in the manga style. We’ve done our homework and know this a style that immediately appeals to our intended target market. Maybe your daughter, niece (or even you!) have enjoyed the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or Twilight series. Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series is in that class. Each book (all six!) in the series spent several weeks at the top of the New York best seller list. Julie is part of the creative team helping us put the project together. Your support will fund the comic creators, printers, shipping costs, project management and the army of magic little elves necessary to bring the novels to life and get comics and rewards to your door.

Can I count on your support?