The New 52: Month 2 – Week 2

This is probably the last one of these I’m going to do, because frankly I’m just not in a rush to talk about DC books anymore. If you want more of mine and Kevin’s thoughts feel free to listen to the podcast where we hash it out about the first round of issues, but frankly I think we all need a break from this for a while. Also I asked for comments and none gave any so I’m assuming that this isn’t a big drawl to the site and that’s okay, I’d rather talk about something else any ways. So let’s do this shit and get one more week of DC out-of-the-way before everyone officially stops caring. Also I’m done scoring them as “Buy” or “Pass”, you’re old enough to decide on your own and you’re probably buying shit to spite me so I’m done fueling your fire.

Green Lantern #2


I like this book more than the last issue, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s really issue 68 and that new readers will probably still have no idea what they’re reading. I like the fact that Sinestro showed Hal that he’s capable of doing more with his ring than just being flashy with it. It was a nice touch and displayed the true power of the ring that often times I think Johns himself forgets while writing the book. The next issue should be pretty decent and if you want to know more about what’s to come check out my Green Lantern coverage from NYCC.

Grifter #2


Even though I can see where he’s going with this, mostly because it’s been done several times before, it’s still very good. In fact I enjoyed this issue a lot more than the first and it’s definitely made the cut in my mind. If you read the first issue there is not much to say other than the story continues down the same path it was on.

Deathstroke #2


I’m not sure I can continue to deal with all of the new villains made up for the re-boot and this issue has the worse one yet. “Carpocalypse”, for those not living in LA, is play on “Carmageddon” which was a weekend in which one of the largest highways in LA was shut down for construction. Both names are stupid, but only one is a cheesy villain that dies in this issue. I like Deathstroke still, but I need to start seeing some more pay off in the story. Having him kill a new villain in each issue is cute, but it’s already getting old.

Resurrection Man #2


I’m surprised that no one had an issue with the female characters in this book considering they’re terrible portrayals of women. I guess if they’re villains they can be skinny and dress like male fantasies and its okay. Otherwise the issue was okay. Still not grabbing me the way I had hoped and I can see the problem with a series like this being able to stay past a year of storylines when the big mystery is revealed and spelled out for everyone. Also “Body Doubles” is a stupid name. DC really needs to hire someone under the age of 40 and over the age of 5 to name their new villains.

Suicide Squad #2


The story is pretty predictable and follows a formula that’s become the norm for the series and it still has a feel similar to The Recruit, but otherwise is okay. I’m not finding myself caring about any of the characters and the writer is trying really hard to give them all “character moments”, but it’s not working. I don’t even care if Deadshot dies at this point. Also the covers with King Shark always have him looking like a reptile rather than a Hammerhead shark. It bugs me a lot… just saying.

Demon Knights #2


Let me just say, no babies died in this book and I was very disappointed by that. Any ways this issue was good, but it had a lot going on and perhaps too many characters introduced in the first issue to be effective here. I liked the book a lot and so far I’m really enjoying the series, but I have the feeling that eventually Cornell is going to give the readers excitement fatigue. That’s when the story constantly increases the excitement from issue to issue until you’re not able to be surprised by what’s happening no matter how shocking. Also I don’t know what he has up his sleeves, but it seems like he’s taking on his major storyline threat a little early. I like the book, but a lot about it scares me and has me worried how long it will be around for.

Mister Terrific #2


Fucking Brainstorm really? What’s his power? Something with his brain? I like the book for the reason that it takes place on the west coast and Mr. T is an interesting character. I didn’t like the whole earthquake thing as it seemed to destroy our hero’s world too soon in the story and I hate the villain. His power is cool, but his look and name are dumb as shit. I’m sticking with this series though; because it sounds like it’s going to get better and I somewhat enjoy it.

Superboy #2


Part of me wants to keep reading this series out of morbid curiosity and the whole Gen 13 angle, but the rest of me is done with this issue. The cover alone is reason enough to stop. How many shark creatures are in the DCnU? Are sharks the new Gorillas? So what happens in this book? People die, characters you don’t care about talk a lot and say things that are boring. Basically I couldn’t finish reading this book fast enough.

Batgirl #2


I hope they kill her. If this is the way Barbara Gordon is going to be written then I hope they just kill her. Don’t even bother putting her in a wheel chair this time, just fucking kill her. This story isn’t worthy of the worst Batman cast member and here it is being slapped on Babs. It’s so cheesy and unbelievable even for comic standards that it’s not funny. I’m done, don’t give a shit, call me when Stephanie is back or when Simone is off the book. Too bad she can only manage to write one mediocre book a month and will have plenty of time to continue on the series. Fucking terrible book and another terrible villain name, the Mirror? really?

Batwoman #2


Maybe it’s just me, but I find Batwoman’s sexuality hard to believe when she talks like a dude and the woman she’s hitting on also talks like a dude. They’re dialog is so sexually aggressive that it surpasses the definition of cheesy. As for the story, I really don’t think Williams knows where he’s going with it now that he’s working solo. The series has yet to do anything other than show woman changing their clothes and beating up random people. In fact I’m not even sure they were beating up criminals as the fights happen in public places. Really I just don’t see how see fits into Gotham and Batman in general. This book probably should have been scrapped with the reboot. -- Well there you have it. If you actually enjoy these reviews you can compare which books I’ve dropped from the first month to now, by reading the previous set of reviews here and here. I might pump out one more these, but if not don’t worry we’ll just review single issues of either really terrible books or really good ones!