Third Man of Steel Trailer Hits - Get Hyped!

Written by Guest Contributor: Jordan North

Warner Bros. just released the third Man of Steel trailer. I'm still a bit skeptical of getting too excited but I will say, this trailer makes it damn hard not to. The trailer starts with an awesome few seconds where we're treated to a look at some of Krypton's last hour. Snyder is doing a hell of a job, lasers fly, things explode and Jor-El looks appropriately downtrodden. We get some more of Clark questioning who he is and his place in the world, "Can't I just be your son?" and finally get to see Zod in all his glory. We also get a few delicious glimpses at the action we'll be treated to when Man of Steel drops on June 14th, and it is spectacular. Here's hoping this turns out to be the Superman film we've been wanting to see all these years as it certainly looks promising. Trailer after the jump.