Review: Mind MGMT #10

Mr. Kindt you’ve done it again. There are two types of my Mind MGMT issues: one that is extremely good, but pisses you off because you can’t wait another month to read the next issue and then one that is so good that you want a month off to recover. This issue is the latter of the two. I think after this series is over my mind may in fact be mush or I secretly suspect that Kindt is brainwashing us all and figured out the exact number of issues it takes for total control to set in… thirty-six in case you were wondering. This issue is all about Duncan, who has been introduced in the series previously, but now explained at greater depths. The trick to reading this issue is that you need to read the liner notes before reading the page. Kindt actually pulls a tricky move and makes them the same color as the top notes which can make it easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. The liner notes are the thoughts that Duncan is picking up on and they actually build the scene differently if you read them first. There is also one hilarious thought of a celeb/P.I. reference that I particularly enjoyed and found to be delightful with its own multiple layers of meaning.

Duncan is a P.I. because he gets bored easily. He’s talking to a new client whose husband is cheating on her. He lays on the P.I. shtick as he takes the case and then heads to his favorite/routine bar to get into a fight. Time passes and the client’s husband arrives pissed off and barges into Duncan’s apartment. He sets the husband up so that he can be with his wife who he finds to be a bit unpredictable… which he likes. Soon though, their relationship becomes boring and predictable to him; so much so that he sets her up with a new man unbeknownst to her.

Mind MGMT #10 CoverOur band of ex-Mind MGMT employees and Meru attempt to find Duncan and it’s interesting because Lyme who is a total badass of the mind can’t get close to him. They lose him over and over even after learning his own predictable routine. Meru comes up with an idea to catch him by having them all stake out one of his usual places and Meru using a game of chance to give them all directions. It pays off as Lyme surprises Duncan by bumping into him.

This issue is just incredible. The opening was outstanding with the liner note thoughts feeding into the page and really giving the reader the same abilities as Duncan. That’s why I recommended reading that way because the intended purpose is insight. What an incredible reading experience. Meru’s role in this issue was huge and her idea in order to bump into Duncan was so clever and just an amazing scene in general.  Goosebumps draped my arm as I read the foot chase waiting for the outcome that I already knew was coming. Kindt’s formula was getting a bit routine as the last few issues had plenty of plot, but similar structures and formulas to the different issues. This issue started anew and it was great because of it.

Kindt’s style doesn’t change in this issue, but the coloring for the first half does. He relies on a lot of shading to give it a classic P.I. look and it genuinely changes the style of the story from the norm. I found the scenes to be striking and dramatic which also played against what the narration and liner notes were telling me. It was the perfect contradiction if you’re paying attention.

I’m very excited about the next issue, but I need time. If you were to tease me with the outcome today I would mentally shut down from over excitement. This is by far one of the best single issues of the entire series and I will not soon forget it. Kindt has raised the bar for himself and the next issue looks to be even better. If you’ve missed out on this series then start with the trade or better yet the hardcover and get caught up. Trust me when I say this, this is one of the best comics on the market… and no I’m not brainwashed… yet.

Score: 10/5 (Broke the scale it’s that good)

Writer/Artist/Creator: Matt Kindt Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/24/13