This Is A Legit Lady Death Cosplay

In the 90's my only exposure to Lady Death was through Wizard magazine (RIP). I loved the characters design and the fact that she carried a big ass sword and basically looked hot and kicked ass. By the time I was able to check out the character Chaos! Comics had one solid foot in the grave and was producing issues that were basically just pinups with words. When the character was rebooted under Avatar Press' Boundless line I was excited to once again check out Lady Death only to find a muddled storyline trying to ride the coat tails of DC's Wonder Woman (pant wearing WW) at the time. I rode it out on the series for as long as I could, but stopped forcing myself to read something I clearly didn't enjoy. That said, I still have a soft spot for Lady Death; even if it's just for her character design. Thank you to cosplayer Toni for nailing the character! lady-death-cosplay-2