This Is A Thing That Exists: "Geisha Leonardo Sexy Costume"

Usually Ninja Turtle fans just want to be the Ninja Turtles; guy, girl, it doesn't matter. I've never met a fan of either gender that wanted to be some weird variation of them and yet they continue to spring up. This costume is literally called "Geisha Leonardo Sexy Costume" which makes absolutely no sense. That sentence melts brains it's so dumb. Yes their will be "Geisha Donatello Sexy Costume" and the other two as well, but this was the only picture that was apparently ready. Before you get crazy it's $63.79 which is also a strange price. Granted the woman is attractive and at the end of the day I guess that's all that anyone will care about, but... well that's all I got. Love? Hate it? Let me know in the comments. Screen-Shot-2013-07-09-at-5.30.03-PM


Via Fashionably Geek