This... Is Not This: Michael Kormack Is Not The Next Alex Ross

I'm not attempting to start shit, but if that's what happens it happens. I was on reddit not too long ago down voting anyone who posted a stupid picture of them reading a book or a recent trendy purchase that they made and wanted everyone to be proud of when I came upon this: Michael+Kormack+hulkpo2011007cov

The person was insane enough to say that this piece made the artist Michael Kormack the next Alex Ross...

Now I want you to take a good look at this Alex Ross piece.


Now besides the fact that they're two different characters, what do you notice? Well, one is painted by hand with oil paints and the other is digitally colored. Both are good pieces, but when I look at Ross' there is far more skill going into it. We can all agree that Ross' art can look waxy or even stiff at times, but the majority of the time his work is pretty damn amazing. Frankly the first piece is great piece as well, but it's digitally colored and really there's not comparison when it comes to actual painting. Add the fact that both the Hulk and Banner look photo referenced and I question how much is real and how much was digital.

We all know (or you're about to) that Ross uses a life model or occasionally a photo when painting, but by the end of the piece you're not looking at the photo you're looking at the Green Goblin or Superman. They character is recognizable as the classic character you've always known and seen in the comics. That Hulk and more importantly that Banner, could be anyone. Banner looks like the guy from Revengeand Hulk's right arm doesn't even make since it's so close to his body. Did Hulk's chest size slim down?

My point is you're an idiot if you think that Michael Kormack is the next Alex Ross. The guy has talent that's for sure, but the skill sets are completely different. If anything we all learned a valuable lesson, just because it's painted looking doesn't make it Alex Ross.