This Is Pretty Rad: Shinjuku The Film Okay so you'll notice this is titled "chapter 2" but chapter 1 doesn't actually contain any of the story so just start here. I don't know much about this so I'm going to post the info I received on the email that came with it. Basically I really dug the animation and felt that it was worth sharing.

Twistory Studios Entertainment has just released the latest Episode of Shinjuku:  The Film.  Animated, directed and illustrated by acclaimed artist and director Robert Valley (The GorillazAeon Flux) and narrated by actor Danielle Vasinova (To Hell with a BulletWhite Trash Noir), Shinjuku: The Film is an animated adaptation of Shinjuku, Twistory’s stunning graphic art book. Using vibrant color palettes and minimal design, Valley’s signature style brings Shinjuku: The Film to life in a distinctive and captivating way.