This Is The Weirdest Bayonetta Figure, But I Can't Stop Looking At It

It's like her body shouldn't be able to do it, but then when you stare long enough it should... I don't know anymore. So if you're Sega what do you do with Bayonetta a game that was a moderate success, but has a very dedicated fan base? You put out a sequel on Wii U of course! How many units has that thing moved? I honestly forget it exists because I still see a bunch of crap for Wii's on clearance online. Well if you're a Bayonetta fan you'll be looking at getting a Wii U for the sequel. Oh the resin figure... right... well according to my source November of next year for that puppy. Yup. tumblr_mxxk89R3rW1qbg80vo2_500