This Kicks All Kinds of Ass: Wonder Woman Fan Film

I think everyone outside of Warner Brothers and DC Comics knows that a Wonder Woman movie is possible. In fact I would even say that it has huge franchise potential because of how recognizable the character is and if DC was smart they'd beat Marvel to the punch. Instead we're getting a TV show about her in high school and they haven't even begun to cast the lead or finalize the pilot. All we know is that they want another Arrow and frankly that show is wearing thin as it is. The fan film/trailer you'll see after the jump is directed by stunt man Jesse V. Johnson and it honestly looks legit. Granted the special effects could always be boosted, but hey there's no Hollywood budget behind this thing. Maybe Johnson will go on to get a lot of gigs after this video or maybe the WB will wake up and get a damn movie going. All I know is that I want a Wonder Woman movie more than a TV show.

Source: io9