This Tharja Statue From 'Fire Emblem: Awakening' Is Pretty B.A.

When you think about Nintendo let's be honest, most of us think of it as a family console or even a console for kids. That means there are some kids that received their first rush of hormones after playing Fire Emblem: Awakening and encountering the character Tharja... I never played the game, but the statue did make me want to read. Don't know why and I don't care! It's 1/7th Scale for those of you that were like, "ah, what scale is that... I need to start measuring and or double checking the accuracy."

From the Nintendo 3DS game, ‘Fire Emblem: Awakening’ comes a figure of the the Dark Mage who hails from Plegia, Tharja! She is posed with a sexy gaze across her face and her proportions which are considered the ‘best in the army’ have been faithfully kept in figure form. She also wears a beautiful regal cape which has been carefully sculpted to help bring out her character even more.

The stand also features intricate detail, with a large pile of magic books for her to lean on, and an ominous skull placed at the bottom to truly bring out the atmosphere of the Fire Emblem world!