Thoughts on Archer Vice Finale

I must say that Archer Vice, has been the best season up to date of the series, and last night I got a chance to see the season finale of Archer. “Title Departure and Arrivals” and like many of the Archer episode the episode was great.  The finale was a mixture of laughter’s and a heartfelt moment that mix in the humor the best way the Archer series can deliver.  The season finale resolved a lot of storylines that were kept open, and it at least guarantees that Isis will come back in the next season.  Also, Lana finally has her baby while the end result wasn’t what I’d like to see happen the writers did manage to give us a very cool moment that was both touching, but humorous a la Archer that made me turn around on the reveal.  The question now is where do the writers go from here? Either way, the series continue to deliver each seasons, and whatever they come up with for next season I will be front row and glued to my TV. OUTLAW COUNTRY!  WOOOOOOO!!!!