Times Square Spider-Man Performer Arrested For Groping

Stuff like this is why I hate the assholes that dress up in Halloween costumes or even the more expensive custom numbers and then hangout on a street in dense tourist area and beg for money for just a picture to be taken. First off all... why the fuck do you want your picture taken with them? The reason I dislike it is that if Confessions of a Superhero taught us anything most of these people are "actors" looking to get work and the majority of them no shit about comic books. Hell some of them barely know about the movies. Over the weekend in Times Square Moussa Rabaoui "allegedly" (I hate that word) grabbed a woman's breast and butt when he put his arm around her for a photo while dressed as Spider-Man. She expressed how she didn't like that and he yelled at her. So she flagged down some cops and they arrested his ass. Good. Stop dressing up as Spider-Man you asshole because clearly you've missed the point. That's why I like cosplayers and you can say what you want about "fake" geeks and all that shit, because here's the big difference... they respect the character and even though Rabaoui doesn't officially represent Spider-Man or Marvel he still is. At the end of the day he's not the first Spider-Man to get arrested in Times Square and he probably won't be the last and that's the truly sad part. 

Now let's end on a joke about Moussa Rabaoui's spider sense going off when he went to jail and some kind of Oz reference.