Titanium Rain Nominated for Two Audie Awards

The graphic novel series that made waves back in 2010 when it was banned by the Chinese government for portraying a fictionalized civil war in China is now turning heads in the audiobook industry. In 2012 TITANIUM RAIN was adapted by the Audio Comics Company, turning the book into a full-cast radio drama with cutting-edge effects and an original score by BBC composer Jonathan Sharp. The production was scripted by the book’s author, Josh Finney, and directed by William Dufris. Their effort has resulted in two nominations for the 2013 Audie Awards—considered the Oscars of the audio book industry. TITANIUM RAIN has been nominated in the categories of BEST AUDIO DRAMA and BEST ORIGINAL PRODUCTION. Other competitors for these awards include Neil Gaiman’s SWORDPOINT and Yuri Rasovsky’s DIE, SNOW WHITE! DIE DAMN YOU!