Title Announcement: Political Power - Election 2012

With the election of 2012 in the past, Bluewater Productions had you covered with all of the background information you needed about the candidates, their running mates, and beyond, with their popular biography comic series “Political Power.”

A special edition released today is a retrospective of the 2012 election. “ Political Power: Election 2012”, a collected edition of the popular subjects of the election. Check out the stories of Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul and the Tea Party Movement in one new graphic novel. “ Political Power: Election 2012” contains never seen before images. Features a cover by David T. Cabrera.

Encouraged by the success of their “Female Force” series, Bluewater brought its tasteful, intelligent storytelling to the political genre. Explore the events that shaped the subjects into the people they are today, from the obstacles Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly overcame in their earlier lives to emerge as leaders in the political media, and how innovative, motivated women like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Bachmann are helping to shatter the glass ceiling in politics. These political journeys are all brought to life in graphic form. 

Other subjects featured in the series have been Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Glenn Beck, Jack Welch, Colin Powell, George W. Bush, Al Franken, Nelson Mandela, Ted Kennedy and more.  There are over 30 titles now released in the series. 

One of the most important factors that drive the team behind Bluewater is the mission to get kids reading. The Vancouver, WA-based publisher has had the privilege to work closely with schools and libraries on this initiative. 

“Growing up, I was a very reluctant reader. We hope to reach kids in similar situations that may be more apt to read when a comic book is placed in front of them,” said Darren G. Davis, President of Bluewater Productions. “I have guest taught in schools and found comic books to be an excellent way to reach children.”

“Political Power”: has been applauded by media outlets as offering well-informed, in-depth biographies on some of the most important figures in our society. Future issues this upcoming year will feature Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, George H. Bush, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anderson Cooper, General Petraeus, and Herman Cain.