Trailer and Poster Time: Takashi Miike's Arcana

Most people who enjoy film as an art form or even their favorite form of entertainment have probably heard the name Takashi Miike before. He's directed some incredible films, some that are strange and others that are fucking nuts. The thing is, he's always busy. He's always working on new films and this has been the case for over a decade now. He's approaching his US debut soon, but in the meantime he's hammering away at new films. The thing about him is that he's continuing to improve (at least in my opinion). I recently saw Lesson of Evil at the LA Film Fest and it was one of his best films to date which has me looking forward to this film. Here's what it's about since the trailer doesn't have subtitles.

Detective Murakami (Masataka Nakagauchi) meets a girl who suffers from memory loss. The girl has special abilities including the ability to talk with the dead. Detective Murakami names her Maki. Detective Murakami and Maki work together to solves a massive murder case involving a mad bomber. Maki's identity is revealed during their investigation.


Via FilmSmash