Trailer Time and Title Announcement: San Hannibal

I love trailers for comics so check out the San Hannibal which will be out in April. Here's the Diamond code FEB141403 and there are more details after the trailer.

SAN HANNIBAL is written & drawn by Dan Schkade with art on the first issue by JD Faith (its co-creator). The comic is as visually daring as it is entirely engrossing. It follows private detective Avery through his dealings with thugs, a makeshift rock star and pagan ritualists as he uncovers a conspiracy that reaches all the way up to the political elite of fictional San Hannibal, Calif.

Derek Royal of the Comics Alternative Podcast says the “neon intensity” of the artwork underscores “a noir tone. It’s like a harsh light has been cast on the subject matter, distorting appearances and affecting the way that Avery sees the world surrounding his missing journalist.” And Greg Burgas of Comics Should Be Good! cites the first issue as “a good start to a mystery,” calling SAN HANNIBAL “a very cool-looking comic” that “complements Schkade’s terse script very well.”