Trailer Time: Death Sentence: London

I was going to save this trailer for tomorrow, but when you're mentioned in the trailer... well you post it asap! I've already mentioned that I've read the first issue of Death Sentence: London and it was really damn good. I also have an interview with writer Montynero in the works so be sure to check back for that. In the meantime though, you came here to see a trailer so let's do that!

Death Sentence: London continues the phenomenal critical and sales hit rampant with sex, drugs and superpowers!

Making this perfect jumping-on point, awesome all-new rising star artist Martin Simmonds joins co-creator Montynero (X-Men Annual, Verigo CMYK) for a wild ride!

The cataclysmic effects of Monty's G-positive super-rampage through London are still being felt...but where are series icons Weasel and Verity?! And what happens when the Americans - and special agent Jeb Mulgrew - get involved?!

Created by writer Montynero and artist Mike Dowling, Death Sentence was a hit with reviewers, retailers and readers the world over. With Death Sentence: London, the scope is bigger, the action bolder, and the storyline more controversial than ever!

Death Sentence: London #1 comes with 4 covers to collect and is available to order from the April edition of Previews.