Trailer Time: Magnetic Press' MEKA

I had the chance to check out Meka and it was pretty good. Without giving too much away about it I'll say that it takes a look at giant fighting robots from two perspectives. It's a good read and one that I'm looking forward to checking out in print for sure. Here's the trailer from Magnetic Press and man oh man do they know how to cut a trailer. Good stuff!

Magnetic Press has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming hardcover graphic novel MEKA, written by J.D. Morvan and illustrated by Bengal.  The sci-fi action novel tells the story of two soldiers who pilot giant humanoid war vehicles called “meka” in an interstellar war.  When their vehicle is disabled in the opening sequence, they must rely on their wits and each other to survive in the ruined warzone they inadvertently created.  The video captures the kinetic energy of the story as well as the massive scale of the theme.