Trailer Time: Prisoner of the Mind Launch Trailer

If you were at NYCC hopefully you check out Prisoner of the Mind from Allan Linder, but if not then it's available for you to check out now. I have a review posted for it that you can check out on the site, but here's a pretty cool luanch video for the first volume.

Official Press Release:

Prisoner of the Mind a graphic novel 16 years in the making by Allan Linder launched last week to great fanfare during New York Comic Con. This work of science fiction has already garnered some excellent reviews in the comic book world, now were releasing the first animated book trailer.

"Prisoner of the Mind is a great read that’s as entertaining as it is mysterious." ~ Comic Bastards “The most impressive indie graphic novel of the decade.” ~ Super Robot Mayhem “Greatness in a graphic novel” ~ Comic Book And Movie Reviews "Linder's attention to detail is very impressive." ~ Comic Book Resources “Amazingly good!” ~ A Comic Book Look “An incredible graphic novelist” ~ Comic Noize “Frank Miller meets Blade Runner” ~ Behind The Panels It's a well written and well illustrated Noir style story that will blow your mind.” ~ Outside The Cube

 Prisoner of the Mind is a neo-noir thriller set in the near future. A government agent discovers a seventy year old secret, revealing a past that the agency will kill for. If you would like more information about this award winning graphic novel visit the author’s website at