Triage X's Yuka Sagiri Is Getting A Figure

Have you watched Triage X? It's pretty disappointing which is a shame because I hear good things about the manga. (Be sure to check out Austin's reviews!) Well one of the biggest chested characters on the show is getting a figure already and frankly I'm not surprised. I mean fan service or as we call it here cheesecake, is the core of the premise it seems. The figure won't be out until August which just blows my mind because they always make figures for everything and yet no one in Japan seems to think that they should get ahead of the curb and release them around the same time as the anime. Get'em while they're hot on the franchise rather than giving them several months to cool off and see how terrible your show is, but hey... it's not my business. It's also going to be just over a hundred bucks if you really want it. At that price, I do not. There's also some NOT SAFE FOR WORK pics linked at the bottom... I guess that might explain the price?