Uber #0 Out Today (4/3/13) From Avatar Press


Yay! I've been waiting to check this book out and with that I'm going to encourage you all to check it out as well. Enjoy a look at the crazy ass covers after the jump. Also I love that Avatar Press brands their variants; "Propaganda Variant" nice touch.

From Avatar Press:

Kieron Gillen’s new series, Uber arrives in comic shops today.  In the 48 page launch issue we are thrust into the dying days of World War II.  Germany is on the verge of collapse as the allies push ever forward.  The promises of the German “wunderwaffen” are laughable.  Nothing will stop the inevitable downfall of the Reich.  The war must be over…but it’s not.

We’ve seen stories about super soldiers that impact the war before, but never like this.  Kieron Gillen (Invincible Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men) delivers a one of a kind tale that not only rewrites history but also redefines the genre.  The Ubers are here, and the race for super powered soldiers has sparked worldwide mayhem.  Find out what everyone is talking about and why Uber is this week’s hottest title in comic shops.