Uncle Ruckus... The Live Action Movie... On Kickstarter

I cannot speak for any other Bastard on this site, but myself and Kevin both thoroughly enjoy The Boondocks and the character of Uncle Ruckus that appears on the animated show. Creator Aaron McGruder has taken to Kickstarter to raise money for an Uncle Ruckus movie that will explore Ruckus' family. He's quick to point out that casting Huey and Riley would be damn near impossible, so they focused on bringing a character to life that has a lot of... back story. McGruder goes on to explain that the movie isn't associated with any studio and that it's being independently produced with some of the funding coming from the Kickstarter, but if the fundraising goes better than planned it could potentially all be produced by Kickstarter alone. There are a ton of different perks and benefits for those that support the film so don't be a Honey Boo Boo, be a Ronald Reagan. Also I will point out that McGruder has picked Black History month for the bulk of the project. Hilarious. Short video after the jump and a big thanks to Justin Wood one of our readers; if it wasn't for his FB post I wouldn't have know about this.