Want A 1,000 Foot Wolverine Statue In Downtown Edmonton? Sign The Petition

Hugh Jackman Days of Future 2 (1) My obvious vote is this picture... cone and all. 1,000 ft tall! The way this story goes is that one Edmonton man, Brian LaBelle, created a petition to build a 1,000 ft tall Wolverine statue to put Albert on the map the way the Eiffel Tower has for Paris or the Statue of Liberty has for New York. What started as more of social commentary about a proposed stadium being built has turned serious. After all, comic fans are always fucking serious about this shit. Maybe it won't be a 1,000 feet tall, but the petition might end up producing a statue of Wolverine and is only 79 (currently) signatures away from meeting it's goal. Personally, I'm only signing it it's actually 1,000 ft tall... anything less would just be silly.

Via Edmonton Journal