Want To Be Like Wolverine? Try These Crappy Extendo Claws!

Oh man these suck bad. Thirteen inches of rounded plastic that pops out to a "slashing" sound... eye roll. If I had a child, I would make them create their own Wolverine claws before giving them this five minute toy. That's right, they're going to play with it for five minutes and realize that it is a piece of shit and try to leave it on a playground or something. If this was Marvel and Hasbro's follow up to the Hulk hands, then they failed. Here's the description from Entertainment Earth if you still don't think that it sucks:

  • Now you can be Wolverine with extending 13-inch claws!
  • Just like the mutant in The Wolverine movie!
  • Realistic electronic claw-weapon glove.
  • Pop-out plastic claws and awesome slashing sounds!

Realistic electronic claw-weapon glove sounds like they took the four words that people in the marketing think tank said over and over.