Web Pick: Template from QAM Comics

I have a hard time keeping up with webcomics, mostly because I'm too busy reading other comics to remember to check back with a site over and over. Things like Thrillbent and Blind Ferret make it easy because they host a group or webcomics in one place. QAM Comics is looking to do the same, but they've started off with just one comic series for you to check out: Template. They sent a long a press release that perfectly sums up the story so I'm going to skip that and just tell you about the format and reading experience. The series is developed for the browser and actually gives you keyboard short cuts to scroll through the issue. Now, it's not like Madefire where the same panel is used to give it the appearance of a changing conversation and I like it because of that. Each panel it new and shows a different aspect of the scene. At times you do feel as if you have a 360 degree look at the scene. I may not have a lot of time for webcomics, but I liked Template. It's futuristic sci-fi and that speaks to me. Check out the site and the press release after the jump.

"#BetaLives, and now the world will be her stage. QAMComics [dot] com, a new, free digital comics website, announces today that it has officially launched with the release of TEMPLATE.

TEMPLATE is an action thriller with cyberpunk flair. Centering on a private security organization called Oversight, the story chronicles their attempts to make the perfect android soldier. When the first attempt fails, they speed up plans to try again under the assumption they learned from their mistakes. It is at this point that the main character, Beta, is created. Over the course of the series, her development is followed as she explores her own personality and discovers what she can and can't do not being in full control of herself.

The series will be released weekly with ten total pages of content, nearly putting it on par with some of the more premium webcomics out there (FreakAngels, Insufferable, Crossed: Wish You Were Here). CBR and PDF versions of each chapter will also be available for users to download and share with friends. Occasionally, another form of content will come by way of OVERSIGHT DOSSIERS. This short video series will provide information such as character bios, mission briefs and other items that will compliment the main story found in the comic.

TEMPLATE is created by newcomers Quinton Miles and Andres Quezada , who respectively handle the writing and art duties. Comics veteran Nathan Lumm is the colorist, while Martín Alberto Pérez Carrara (aka MaGnUs) is the letterer.

Up-to-the-minute news on TEMPLATE or QAMComics [dot] com can be had by following us on Facebook and Twitter.  For more information, contact Quinton Miles at qm27613 [at] gmail [dot] com."