Web Pick: Warp Zone

Warp Zone is a web comic created by Ted Lange and stars the character Jack as he warps to different worlds. The series is Sci-Fi oriented, but it’s heavily influenced by old school video games and fantasy. Currently Ted (who is the brother to Wally Fresh creator Turner Lange), is updating the series Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. While I don’t have a very good sense of the world so far, I have enjoyed the video game homages and the crazy creatures that Jack encounters. Also Jack himself is pretty bad ass and equipped with all sorts of goodies to help him battle whatever comes his way.

Warp Zone Cover

What really spoke to me was the art style though. It’s very striking and looks gorgeously colored. In some regards Ted’s style reminded me of James Stokoe’s style mixed with Vasilis Lolos. I can tell that it’s still evolving though which is always a treat for a reader.

I’m definitely curious to continue Jack’s journey and will be checking back each week. I particularly enjoyed the Dragon Ball reference that was made early on in the story as Jack pulls out his own Nimbus cloud and yells at it go rather than sit there. It’s humorous and the world that it’s creating is huge, so check out Warp Zone.