Welcome To The New Comic Bastards!

Okay new is a stretch. I mean, we're still doing the same thing we've always done and that's dig through comics and deliver you the best reviews we can. We have a new look that we've had for a few weeks and now we have a new logo thanks to Justin Wood! Please check out his Facebook page and if you're looking for an artist hire this man! He's mad talented. Going forward you'll also see a new banner image featuring our writer's image on all of the reviews. This is to give you an idea of the people working on the site. We're not a bunch of faceless bastards, but rather proud Comic Bastards. We hope you'll continue to visit the site and check out our honest, agenda free reviews. Most of all we hope you'll get that we love comics and that's why we're here. I know with a name like "Comic Bastards" this gets lost on some people, but trust me, we wouldn't do this if we didn't love comics just as much as you.

Alright, internet group hug is over. On with the reviews!!!

-Dustin Cabeal