What Bombed Harder This Weekend? R.I.P.D., Red 2 or Turbo

Well all three of them lost to The Conjuring to start with, but which one disappointed its studio more? Here's the break down. 0002_turbo_poster


Turbo - Usually CG animations are a smash hit regardless of how terrible they look, but apparently no one wanted to see a movie about snails which back in 1977 Ward Kimball Explained to Lorenzo Music why it was a bad idea. At any rate, it was the second most disappointing opening even though it took third behind Despicable Me 2. The thing is that its actually made 31 million, but it's opening weekend is only credited with 21 million meaning it only made back 15% of its budget. Meanwhile Despicable Me 2 is currently at 363% compared to its budget meaning that its tripled itself. Even more interesting is that it cost 4 million less than Grown Ups 2 which on around 98% of making back its budget.


Red 2 - I didn't even know this movie came out this week until I went to see Pacific Rim and saw it was an option. Since I hated the first movie I continued on with Pacific RimRed 2 the sequel only the studio asked for was actually the big winner bringing in 18.5 million and making 22% of its budget. It's still pretty shitty, but a win is a win.


R.I.P.D. - Reviews have not been kind to this movie and apparently it looked way too much like a M.I.B. knock off for movie audiences to give it a chance. It tanked making on 12 million of it's 130 million dollar budget which is only 9%.


Meanwhile a summer horror movie took first place as The Conjuring made 41 million compared to it's 20 million budget which is 207% or doubling its budget if you want to look at it that way. A lot of studios feel they only make money off of a theater release if they triple their budget so it looks like this film is going to do alright.

If my math or percentages are off then keep in mind that I run a comic book website not a math forum board, but feel free to offer any corrections.

Source: Box Office Mojo