What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Terry Moore's Rachel Rising Will Be A T.V. Show


The baller-ass comic that is "Rachel Rising" has finally caught the eye of lil' ol' Hollywood. It looks like the Alcon Television Group, the TV arm of Alcon Entertainment, has made Rising the first property it has picked up in its 10 months of existence. Yep, this is a thing.

But what Rachel Rising all about?

 Rising centers on a woman named Rachel who wakes up dead in a shallow grave. She begins to unravel the mystery of her death while crossing paths with not only friends but also a mysterious blond woman who is tracking her and a horrific little girl named Zoe, out on a killing spree. Also figuring into the mix is the history of the local town, magic and witchcraft.

I for one wish Mr. Moore the best of luck with the show and hope this thing gets him that "walking dead money" because damn it, he's worth it!

Source: THR