What Do You Listen To?

There is a strange occurrence that I think really only happens with comic books and that’s music. It’s the combination of two art forms sharing brain waves as we engorged in both activities. Think about it.Sure you can listen to music while you play video games, but as game soundtracks and design have gotten better and better most people take out the head phones and pay attention to the game. Yet I find myself unable to even write reviews without some tunes in the background, which I got me thinking. What do you listen to?

I mean I know what I listen to and hell I could even give you specific recommendations for certain titles, but I’m curious about what the rest of you listen to while reading comics. Or if you even listen to music while reading at all. What I find curious is that if I’m reading a book I can’t listen to music. I’m too deep into the story and world that the music becomes an annoyance. With comics though I love listen to an album for the first time as I get caught up on The New 52 (still on the issue fours).


If you’ve read my Nix Comics reviews then you know that I love the strange relationship between music and comics. There are books like Blue Monday, Scott Pilgrim and Hopeless Savages that all deal with music in some way shape or form and all three are some of my favorite books. But what other books are out there?

There’s not much to this article, I just like to poke your brains some times and make you think. Maybe Kevin should have written this article as he’s way more into music than I am. In the meantime if you want to share leave it in the comments. I’m curious to try out new music or old music in new ways. I’ll give you a recommendation of my own and that’s that Dark Horse Presents and Say Anything go pretty damn well together.