Which Lantern Corps Is Most Likely To Be Destroyed?

In an interview Dan Didio revealed that the character Relic is going to destroy one of the Lantern corps central batteries and basically kill that Corps. He said that the interesting part comes from seeing what they do after that happens. So which corps is getting the boot or the lights turned out if you will. Here are my thoughts on the likely hood of each corp, but rather than give you bullshit betting odds or percentages I’m just going to order the list in least likely to most likely in my opinion. Orange Lantern

Orange Lanterns

Well they just got their own book and it’s called Larfleeze. I doubt it’s him since it wouldn’t be that interesting to see he’s like without the ring… because we’ve seen that. In fact it would probably be beneficial to him and with that the Orange Lanterns are 100% out.

Red Lantern

Red Lanterns

It’s not just that they have an ongoing; it’s that they’ve undergone too many changes recently. All of that is settling in so throwing another big change like that would be a terrible editorial decision. You can also rule them out since they’re all basically dead because of the ring and if you turned off their battery… they’d all be dead.

Yellow Lantern

Yellow Lanterns

With Sinestro playing a larger role in Forever Evil I kind of doubt they’d turn off his Corps, but his ring is also different from the rest of the Fear Corps. Since they’re mostly villains I just don’t see it being very interesting to turn off their battery especially with Pharallax playing such a huge role in GL’s past.

Blue Lantern

Blue Lanterns

I’m not ruling this one out completely, but they did say at Comic Con that there are storylines coming up for Saint Walker. It could be the storyline of “hey our lantern is busted” or it could just be some stories featuring a fan favorite. Since they’ve been out of action I’m going to say nay to this one, but if the curve ball is thrown their way I won’t be too surprised.

Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire

They did exist just fine before the invention of their Corps, but then they were basically establishing a link between their avatar and the host. It would definitely shake things up if they were picked to be destroyed. I’m not 100% sure on this one just due to the fact that it is the only Corps composed of women and that would probably get a lot of flak from fans, but it would definitely be interesting.

Indigo Tribe

Indigo Tribe

I think the chances of them being turned off are pretty damn good. They’ve been basically useless since the New 52 started and they fall pretty low on the list of fan favorites. In fact I would fathom a guess that they’d be on the bottom of each list if anyone remembered to write them down. The thing is the consequence of turning their power off is far more interesting than leaving it on. Since there is a similar type trance for their tribe as there is for the Orange Lanterns you’d be freeing the mind of people who maybe shouldn’t be free. I’d say the chances are pretty good, but…

Green Lantern Corps

Green Lanterns

That’s right; the Greenie’s get my number one vote. Why? Because it makes the most sense. Relic is coming for them. They have the most potential of stories to deal with the shutting down of their power and due to things that wrapped in John’s run this really does make the most sense. It would be bold and change the direction of the entire group of books which has been resting on its laurels since the New 52 reboot. This would be the biggest threat and set up tons of stories for the future. I think it’s the strongest contender to have its lights turned out.

These are my pics, but I’m curious if anyone else has any ideas? Leave a comment below and give me your pick or your list order.